News Information Decoupling: An Information Signature of Catastrophes in Legacy News Media


Content alignment in news media was an observable information effect of Covid-19’s initial phase. During the first half of 2020, legacy news media became “corona news” following national outbreak and crises management patterns. While news media are neither unbiased nor infallible as sources of events, they do provide a window into socio-cultural responses to events. In this paper, we use legacy print media to empirically derive the principle News Information Decoupling (NID) that functions as an information signature of culturally significant catastrophic event. Formally, NID can provide input to change detection algorithms and points to several unsolved research problems in the intersection of information theory and media studies.

Kenneth Enevoldsen
Kenneth Enevoldsen
PhD student in Multimodal Representation Learning

My research interests is in multimodal representation learning with application in decision support systems in Psychiatry and in the Covid-19 response.