When no news is bad news - Detection of negative events from news media content

We specifically test the claim that new information decoupling behavior of media can be used to reliably detect change in news media content originating in a negative event, using a Bayesian approach to change point detection.

Introducing tomsup: Theory of Mind Simulations Using Python

Theory of Mind (ToM) is considered crucial for understanding socio-cognitive abilities and impairments. However, verbal theories of the mechanisms underlying ToM are often criticized as under-specified and mutually incompatible. This leads to measures of ToM being unreliable, to the degree where even canonical experimental tasks do not require representation of others’ mental states. In order to help meet these challenges we introduce the Python package tomsup.

News Information Decoupling: An Information Signature of Catastrophes in Legacy News Media

In this paper, we use legacy print media to empirically derive the principle News Information Decoupling (NID) that functions as an information signature of culturally significant catastrophic event.